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Programs at the Shelton Community Center - Huntington, Conn.

# Date Speaker Title
275 January 14 Carolyn Ivanoff Meet Clara Barton
276 February 11 Wendy Allen "An Artist's Pursuit"
277 March 10 Dave Smith Lincoln Lied...And People Died!
--- April 14* Bob O'Brien Union Raids Toward Vicksburg in 1863
--- May 12* Short talks by Roundtable Members Potpourri XXIX
--- June 9* Hamish Lutris The Battle of Gettysburg
278 September 14 Hamish Lutris Leadership at Gettysburg (virtual meeting)
279 October 12 Bob O'Brien They Rode South: Grierson's & Streight's Raids - Spring 1863 (virtual)
280 November 9 Eric Lindblade Burnside's 1862 Campaign in Eastern North Carolina (virtual)
281 December 14 Carolyn Ivanoff Dying, Death, and Burial on the Gettysburg Battlefield (virtual)

*program canceled