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Programs at New Covenant Church - Shelton, Conn.

# Date Speaker Title
39 January 10 James Hyslop (Roundtable Member) The Army of Tennessee
40 February 14 Michael Golay "To Gettysburg And Beyond: The Parallel Lives of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Edward Porter Alexander"
41 March 14 Steven Laird The Battle of the Wilderness: The Beginning of the End For Lee's Army
42 April 11 David E. Smith Union Civil War Prisoners
43 May 9 Andrew M. German "A Monstrous Black Serpent with Wings": The 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry in the 1862 Valley Campaign
44 June 13 David Ward "Campaigning With Grant: A Study In Command"
45 September 12 Al Gambone General Winfield Scott Hancock at Gettysburg
46 October 10 Michael Burlingame "The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln"
47 November 14 Al Vasone Songs of the Civil War
48 December 12 Robert Berthelson Connecticut Heroes of the Civil War